Finns demonstrate against Trump and Putin

6237da8c893d3de2bc94fad12fcc1ac4 - Finns demonstrate against Trump and Putin

HELSINKI – About 2,500 Finns are a day before the summit meeting between the American president Donald Trump and the Russian president Vladimir Putin in the Finnish capital city of Helsinki, the street merged.

The protesters waved flags and banners bearing texts such as ’make peace, not war’, ’refugees welcome’ and ’make human rights important. Some were waving with rainbow flags to protest in their eyes homophobic laws in Russia.

’Everyone for himself’

“The current world order is challenged by the predilection for violence and an attitude of “every man for himself’. And that is what these two men, Trump and Putin, have in common, contempt for democracy, contempt for international agreements, contempt for human rights”, said Heidi Hautala, member of the European Parliament for the Finnish Greens against the protesters.

Trump comes later Sunday from Scotland in Helsinki. Tens of thousands of people demonstrated on Friday during his visit to London, and thousands of others protested Saturday in Scotland, where he was a large part of the weekend golf was played in.

Putin is coming Monday just before the meeting in Helsinki.

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