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Collective of the ground with Slowdive

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‘Slow dive’ stood behind the band to read, but Slowdive did everyone at least a few inches of the ground.

We have, for a moment, you looked up: ‘irisation’ is the name of the phenomenon that, when the set of Slowdive in the air could see. A rainbow without rain, as if this show is still not enchanting enough. There was also an overenthusiastic fan in inflatable dinopak, but that really didn’t have the same effect as that weerfenomeen.

If the pause lasts long enough, the return, the greater, it is a proven theory that Slowdive is a great outcome. Twenty-two years, there were between Pygmalion and the zelfgetitelde Slowdive, and the new songs were anything but inferior to the oldies.


It was the first time that the British shoegazers on Cactusfestival played, and the singer/guitarist Rachel Goswell had especially for the occasion, a cactuskleedje done. Not especially for the occasion, but perfect for the time and place was the set of the British, who, however, made it seemed for parks just before sunset. From opener ‘Slomo’ to the engaging ‘Souvlaki space station’; the attention slackened for a second.

Ten minutes before the end, it was Syd Barrett borrowed ‘Golden hair’ has been used. If you ever have ten minutes to get to your shoes wants to stare, let that be the soundtrack.

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