Beau van Erven Dorens on afscheidsweek Humberto Tan: “I was denied”

1e92cb2153a94a0f6fb33e0afd1765e3 - Beau van Erven Dorens on afscheidsweek Humberto Tan: "I was denied"

Beau van Erven Dorens is not to speak about the afscheidsweek that his colleague Humberto Tan in RTL Late Night. “I also have with astonishment looked and there is nothing of understood. Because where’s the hell about?”

Beau continues to Volkskrant Magazine: “You make years and years of a show and at a given moment is not more successful and then you go on a week-long celebration.” Especially the time that André Hazes Humberto toezong, he remembered. “Of course I’ll cry, I also much on tv, but this was just misplaced.”

Beau would say that such a week will not allow it. “I had the anyway denied. I have my serving had. I find it interesting what I do, but I do not see myself as god’s gift to television.”

In the same interview he indicates that he was the one bitter pill, found that he Humberto was not allowed to follow. “When Erland Galjaard called and said: ‘I’ve Twan Huys asked,’ I found that very unfortunate. Those two months that I Humberto replaced, were a kind of open job application.”

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