Aster Nzeyimana to genocide

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He is the rising star in the sportredactie of the public broadcaster and sleeps with Lize Feryn. How lucky can a man have in life? The look on Aster Nzeyimana, who today with a lot of tension to the final of the world cup in Russia will look at. You know, the world cup where the Red Devils more then bronze achieved. Aster enjoyed that world cup and this week in The Sunday with a great interview that for a large part of the sport. Aster breathes sports, that is his life. However, he dreamed ever of to singer, but the biggest problem is that he cannot sing. That other dream was to be a professional footballer to be but also that the party did not go through. “Football, I can, but I was not basisspeler,” says Aster in The Sunday. “I was allowed to stay in Aalst, but I knew that I have no perspective had on goals. Then you have to make choices. You are nineteen, you are studying, your best years are coming,” says Aster. “I was not willing to make that sacrifice to make for that minute chance of a career in professional football”. And so did Aster study, rights even. “I regret that choice, I must admit. I was not with the idea to become a lawyer but mostly I wanted to a strong degree that I on all sides would be able to.”

Aster quickly got the opportunity to join MNM to start and journaalanker to be. Guess the result: he continued his studies stop. “In the medewereld you must not lose time. You should grab any chance to, because the places are expensive,” thought Aster and he went fully to his career at the public broadcaster. Aster has been living for 24 years in Belgium and in Rwanda born, just before the onset of the genocide in 1994. “My dad worked there as a doctor, my mom as a midwife. When I was born, was the plan to temporarily return to Belgium. My mom wanted me to have the Belgian nationality would have. But that temporary is definitive. A few days after our departure, the plane with the Rwandan president Habyarimana shot down and the genocide erupted. So you can say that I incredibly much chance I’ve had,” concludes Edgar.

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