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Altcoin-Echo: increase in Stellar, Cardano, ZCash, 0x, and BAT; Ledger Support for TRON

a98ca46a653f35f5aacf4856ee706915 - Altcoin-Echo: increase in Stellar, Cardano, ZCash, 0x, and BAT; Ledger Support for TRON

Coinbase announced, a listing of the Altcoins Stellar, Cardano, ZCash and the BAT-tokens to think about. As a result, all courses have increased in the short term. The clear winner of the BAT Token. In the project around Justin Sun news. While TRON is currently in the Token-migration phase, it is now possible to manage this on the Ledger Nano.

Coinbase wants to be Stellar, Cardano, ZCash, 0x and BAT lists

In an announcement Coinbase voice on your Blog that you want to list the Altcoins Stellar lumen, Cardano, ZCash, Ox, and Basic Attention tokens. So we are working with banks as well as with the authorities in order to provide the necessary technical and regulatory basis for a listing.

The Stellar rate (XLM) responded immediately with a slight increase of six per cent, within the last 24 hours and is currently at 0.17.

The same applies to the Cardano-rate (ADA): This recorded an increase of five percent within the day to a value of Euro 0.11. In the weeks and month-to-date both in Stellar as well as Cardano still in the red.

The ZCash-rate (ZEC), however, have increased within the last 24 hours by 10 percent. Thus, the Privacy Coin is currently 147,97 Euro, a weekly loss of almost a percent and a monthly Minus 13,65 percent.

0x-rate (ZRX) rose in the Wake of the announcement by 16.6 percent to 0.80 euros. He is one week’s loss of three percent and a monthly decrease of 1.8 percent.

The BAT course is explodes in comparison. With a 24-hours-Plus of 17 per cent of this is currently at € 0.27. In the week in review the power of over 20 per cent, over the month it is 42.2 percent.

Ledger Nano S is now with TRON (TRX) compatible

There is also something new from the project around Justin Sun. As you can see from a Twitter Post, his TRX-Token to the Ledger Nano S to save. The project is currently in the Token-migration phase. According to the Twitter announcement, already have 19 of 52 stock exchanges, the ERC-20-Token in the “real” TRX-Token is converted to [Anm. d. Red: In the Twitter Post is still available from 17 Exchanges in the speech, in the meantime, however, 19]. So, who had stored his Token on one of the following exchanges may call herself the proud owner of a “real” TRX-Token:

  1. Binance
  2. Bitfinex
  3. Bitforex
  4. Bitpie
  5. Bittrex
  6. Bit-Z
  7. Bjex
  8. Cobo
  9. CoinEgg
  10. Coinfalcon
  11. Coinnest
  12. io
  13. Hitbtc
  14. Huobi
  15. Liqui
  16. Max Exchange
  17. OKEx
  18. Tokenomy
  19. Upbit

Thus, the project is that the new Ethereum wants to be, apparently, a step further in his ambitious career. The TRX course is currently just 0.03 Euro. During the week this is a decrease of 8.3 percent in the month over the course of 27,95%.

Disclaimer: the data on the basis of our course pages, Stand 14.07 13:30. For the accuracy of the information can be given well-known reasons, no guarantee – the crypto market is volatile and hence short-term price fluctuations.

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