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“We have refrained, however, here to be proud of’

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Relief benefit for the Red Devils after the historic performance against England that our country bronze delivers on the world cup in Russia.

Vincent Kompany played Saturday in the small final of the world cup in Russia is already an excellent party central in the defence, and forced the Red Devils to third place. The captain of Manchester City, said afterwards that it took me a long time before the switch-off in the semi-finals, was consumed.

“It is within! I’m proud, ” she said with a satisfied Kompany. “We have two to three days apart. The elimination was hard to swallow, but today we showed that we really have for that third place wanted to go. This performance was a bit historic. Our entire youth, we have looking up to Mexico 86. That was a point of reference, and we can, as a generation, but just try each time to go a step further. Here, we should be proud of. We have the final has not been met, but there were close. And I think frankly that if we make the finals would have played, we have won.’

Alderweireld: “I saw that the English breakthroughs and to gamble’

Toby Alderweireld rescued in the small final of the soccer world cup in Russia, a crucial ball of the goal line. The defender saw the difference between the Belgians and the English Saturday, especially in the heads: “I saw that the English breakthroughs, and had to gamble. Would Animal get through or markers? The ball ran so high that I was afraid to put him in his own goal, but luckily I got him good.’

“We wanted to per se that third spot. We have a lot of willpower and mentality of the people shown,’ said Alderweireld. ‘This is such an important cape for Belgium that we take now, and we can be proud of. It is good to be in this way a little bit with a price returning home. Let this be the start of something beautiful. Of course, we must now take time to enjoy, but within a few months we should already begin to work towards new goals with the national team.’

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