Vakantievlucht interrupted: thirty passengers to the hospital

3ec148e7a29fa165ecc2c03fc69300a6 - Vakantievlucht interrupted: thirty passengers to the hospital

After the unscheduled landing of a vakantievlucht from Ireland to Frankfurt Hahn airport are around thirty passengers to the hospital. That said a spokesman for the German federal police Saturday morning.

The Ryanair aircraft was Friday night, on the road from Dublin to the Croatian coastal city of Zadar when the pilot for admission early in order to land in Frankfurt. ‘Several persons on board were complaining about health problems and the doctors and nurses cared for’, said the spokesman. “They complained about headaches, nausea, and earache’.

What is the cause of the health problems is still unknown. It is also unclear whether the device because of a technical malfunction had to countries or because of the health status of the occupants. More details are missing for the time being, all would be able to go to loss of pressure in the cabin. The unit had a total of 189 people on board.

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