’Trump should Putin hard tackle on top’

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WASHINGTON – U.s. Congressmen of both the Republican and Democratic party demands from president Donald Trump that he and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin hard tackles during the summit between the two heads of state attending next week in Finland will be held.

The call to act is stronger now after prosecutor Robert Mueller Friday, twelve Russians had sued for unlawful interference in the American elections in 2016.

“Trump is not going to demand that Putin the twelve accused Russians Mueller transfers, because Russia never does. They will probably never be a trial,” said a spokesman for Trump in a comment.

The president himself said Friday: “I’m absolutely certain the question is about interference propose to Putin.” Democrats called Trump even to protest the top to delete, but the White House rejected that suggestion.

Russian interference

The Congress wants to continue that Trump Putin’s promise that Russia will never interfere with the American elections. The Republican senator John McCain said: “President Trump should be willing to take from a position of strength in the confrontation with Putin and to show that Russia is a serious price to pay for its ongoing aggression against the United States and democracies throughout the world.”

The Kremlin has always denied that it attempted to the elections to influence in favour of Trump. Russia says that it is not interfering in the American elections to have been involved and that also is not going to be. “If the Americans facts, we will have to see,” said the buitenlandadviseur of president Vladimir Putin Friday.

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