Thousands of demonstrators on the streets, Trump playing golf with snipers

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While the streets of the Scottish Edinbrugh is Saturday afternoon filled with protesters who demonstrate against the visit of the Us president, Donald Trump, drew that the latter is back on the golf course. ‘The weather is nice and this place is wonderful!”

‘No racism in the United Kingdom’, ‘get away, Trump’ and ‘Attention! Racist is in the pipeline’: thousands of demonstrators expressed Saturday afternoon their dissatisfaction about the visit of president Trump and his wife Melania. Trump was Friday night from London flew to his resort in Turnberry, Scotland, for two days filled with meetings, phone calls and, hopefully, some golf, ” he shared on Twitter. ‘The weather is nice and this place is wonderful!”

Relaxing golf

Already threatened that peace is repeatedly disrupted by more than a hundred protesters who are not in Edinburgh, but on the golf course of Trump stood to protest. So was the president barely arrived when an activist from Greenpeace, with a parachute over the resort flew a banner with the inscription ‘Trump: Well below par’ showed. ‘Trump does not believe in climate change. He pulled the U.S. back from the agreement of Paris (…). We could him not just a quiet game of golf, let them play’, as indicated, the environmental organization the stunt.

The police, completely was amazed after the stunt, yeast still to how the activist all the controls could work.

Then, I went into about as many police officers as there are protesters on the edge of the golf course were. On foot and on horseback to keep the police, the demonstrators separated from the American president. On the scaffolding around the grounds day and night snipers, that the safety of Trump and Melania. Who the site wants to drive, is also subject to a searched and a thorough inspection of his vehicle.

It is not the first protest that Trump this week had to defy: also in London was massively argued against the arrival of the American president, who by the protesters of sexism, racism and homophobia is accused. According to the British handelsminister Liam Fox had to make the demonstrators feel ashamed. Their actions reflect the good manners and hospitality of the British people not, ” said Fox to the BBC.

And just as in London was the most striking attribute of the demonstrators, a huge balloon in the shape of a bespottelijke baby-Trump. “He is not much more than a baby who is a thousand times change your mind and pruilt with every decision that is not true”, sounds to The Guardian , the demonstrators.

To Putin

Sunday travel Trump to the Finnish capital Helsinki, where he Monday a bilateral summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

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