Thai boys July 19, from hospital

312b08df7638d0782eca6e09fa921436 - Thai boys July 19, from hospital

BANGKOK – The Thai players at the beginning of this week out of a cave are saved where they are about three weeks trapped, Thursday, July 19, discharged from the hospital. That the Thai minister of Health on Saturday announced.

Cheerful gestures these two kids in a row from their hospital bed.

The boys were on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in small groups out of the cave taken by divers and brought to the hospital. It appeared that some of the boys an infection had suffered, but that the health generally was good.

The twelve players between eleven and sixteen years and their trainer (25) disappeared on June 23. They were then enclosed by the water that the exit of the cave blocked. It was not easy for the boys to save, but by quickly rising water and had the search and rescue team soon after the boys were found to of action.

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