’Simon Cowell is ready with children’

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Simon Cowell thinks it’s destined that he along with Lauren Silverman, a son was given, but wants his family not expand.

Simon Cowell

“I don’t think that I can have more children. I am now 58 and Eric is great. I was there last, it was predestined. Why would you change something”, declares Simon to Mirror.

He also tells that he thanks his son realizes that his life is uncomplicated. “Eric understands me without that I had said. I now look through his eyes to my life. The funny thing is that it’s really less complicated.”

Now his son can talk, he’ll be a lot easier. “It is now much easier to be sympathetic to him. When he was still but a half years old, I knew never what I told him had to say. But now, he listens, he talks and he responds. He understands really all very very much.”

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