SEE: Roxeanne Hazes melt

The temperatures walk Saturday, once again very high. When the sweat on your forehead, it is also frequently heard statement that you melt from the heat. Roxeanne Hazes melt for a whole other reason.

SEE: Roxeanne Hazes melt

Roxeanne Hazes

Roxeanne Hazes and Erik Zwennes enjoy the fullest of their four-day-old son in the Fender. “Everything and even more than that. Am here to fetch a round of melting,” writes Roxeanne of a particularly cute picture of the little Fender on the lap of his daddy.

The Instagram page of Erik is now filled with photos of the small Fender. Not only he shares his immense love for the small hummeltje, also his love for Roxeanne, he shares with the world. “Love, what do you do well. So attractive that primal force and the instinct that comes up.”

And also Roxeanne explains the love to Erik on the social medium: “Jeez E. What am I ridiculously in love with you.”

SEE: Roxeanne Hazes melt

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