Scarlett Johansson shows off of transgenderrol after controversy

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Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson (33) after the continuing controversy about the film “Rub & tug’ apart from the lead role. In the biopic from director Rupert Santers she would Dante Gill play, a transgender person-gangster in the seventies, was active in the Pittsburghse underworld.

Gill was born with female characteristics, but acted and dressed as a man. With the magazine Out said Johansson Friday that they transgendergemeenschap respects and loves, and that her casting for the role of “insensitive” was.
They also understand the criticism of activists, that rare roles like this to transgenderacteurs would have to go. It is important to have equal opportunities to speak, says Johansson.
Hollywood productions will often be accused of roles and figures from other cultures are “laundered” so that they are easy to swallow for a white audience. Something similar happened recently in the film ‘Ghost in the shell’. Johansson, with black wig, played with it for a Japanese manga heroine.

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