Pressure falls away in unit: Ryanair: 33 wounded

19c29a2dbae3fa042f54fd97df959e85 - Pressure falls away in unit: Ryanair: 33 wounded

FRANKFURT – 33 passengers of a plane from Ryanair are brought to the hospital, once in the aircraft the cabin pressure was lost and the aircraft makes a forced landing would have had to make in the German city of Frankfurt. According to the police arrived in some people the blood out of the ears.

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The flight led from Dublin to the Croatian coastal city of Zadar and had a total of 189 people on board. The aircraft had to be within a few minutes to fall from a height of almost 11 kilometers. The passengers had to use oxygen masks during the descent and landing.

Ryanair reports that the landing “without problems and according to protocol” has expired. For the passenger, temporary shelter in hotels and have a substitute flight arranged.

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