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On Bitcoin Cash-based platform wants to make Patreon competition

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A few days ago, a Team of developers, has announced that it will build a Bitcoin Cash-based Version of Patreon. The project is called Bitreon and has already reached the Softcap of 10 BCH.

What is Patreon?

Patreon offers Influencers, artists, and Content Creators the ability to build a Community. This goes beyond the Follower, or subscriber on social media. So far, Patreon offers this for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The so-called Patrons to support a Content Creator through regular payments. Wherein the amount and method of payment can be determined. Patrons have the privilege to maintain closer contact with the Influencer and to give direct Feedback. You can have a say on issues and projects and have access to exclusive content. Patreon has received a strong inflow, as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter began to entmonetarisieren content, to censor and to delete Accounts. Meanwhile, Patreon has censored already content. Disputed Accounts are deleted from the page.

Other possible benefits of Bitreon

An important reason for the establishment of Bitreon the fact that Patreon accepts currencies from any Cryptography. This has tax reasons, the IRS authority (Internal Revenue Service). Since the project in Poland and in Turkey, is established, where there is no appropriate regulation, this is no issue for Bitreon. Here is a possible weak point in the project could be, because regulations may well follow. As the Team in the Reddit discussion, openly declared, is to accept it out of “ideological reasons” only Bitcoin Cash. It is also promised that the fees on Bitreon will be consistently low. Increase the fees and Change the fee model had to be created for Patreon in the past for a lot of Trouble. How profitable this is questionable. Per invested BCH is promised to the investors a participation of one percent. Currently, the project has collected 49 BCH about half of the Hardcaps of 100 BCH. In this case, the Minimum-Viable-Product on 1. August start, and the Release of the 2.0 Version is for the 1. January 2019 planned.

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