More than 100 Afghan schools closed after threats of taliban

ca3a10c9c38622e2c59ea573d631167d - More than 100 Afghan schools closed after threats of taliban

Around 60,000 students had in the central Afghan province of Logar on Saturday to stay at home, because their teachers threats from the taliban.

In the capital of the province Pol-e Alam remained, according to Abdul Wakil Kaliwal, the head of the Education department of Logar, more than 60 schools are closed. In the taliban controlled district Mohamad Agha were forty. Some 60,000 students could therefore not go to school.

State officials say that taliban militants teachers threaten in an attempt them to do at home to remain after the islamic movement in the recent military operations in Logar many warriors saw die.

In the southern province of Helmand are 123 schools for ten years, is closed due to the ongoing violence. More than 600,000 students are affected by this. The main reasons are corruption, the ongoing rebellion and the reluctance of the local residents, according to Dawood Safari, the head of education in Helmand.

In Takhar, a province in the northeast of the country, the taliban since may thirty schools closed. About 11,000 students had no access to education.

Afghanistan-at least 3.7 million children aged 7 to 17 years of age do not go to school, according to UN children’s fund Unicef in a report that was published in may.

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