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Intergalactic Lovers: Love for everybody – except for the French

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‘Pussy France and kutmentaliteit, let’s make a boycott and a week-long no French bread to eat.’ Frontwoman Lara Chedraoui sounded Saturday afternoon, particularly fighting. Her biggest opponents were, however, the Red Devils, who at that time England expertly in the pan chopped.

Drummer Brendan Corbey had originally still doubts about the turnout for their show, but those fears proved to be unfounded. “I’m going after each number the mode to ask, then you know that you will not miss anything’, promised the frontwoman at the start of the concert. No ‘fear of missing out’ at this Aalstenaren.

Meanwhile, the sound man her voice is slightly more prominent in the mix thrown in, because at first she was still played by her band. That looked pretty static, and it was Chedraoui yourself with the necessary tricks and movements the role of top scorer had to record it. Real singalong songs, the group has over the past years, does not meet written, so there was mainly meegeklapt during old favourite ‘Shewolf’ and newsitem ‘Between the lines’.

Elegant and subtle

Frenzied was Intergalactic Lovers not, elegantly and subtly more. It was in the stylish, light poles, or in the way the songs with a simple instrumentenwissel in each other overvloeiden. Therefore, we’ve heard of a few real outliers, but also no lows.

The band kept the attention of the listener with a possession which many a international of can dreams. To Lara with two songs to go, suddenly her new belt pouch is already to take a picture. Time stretch they call it, something like the French masterfully.

It is fortunately already 2-0 for the Belgians, so we are relieved to breathe during valve ‘Exhale’. Intergalactic Lovers came primarily supportive, with a great assist for the rest of the evening.

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