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Deus: the time of the new guitarist

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That reason is if you are late to your set starts. Deus wanted his hours full of classics exit with ‘Suds & soda’, but had that song cut off because there is no more time for. A somewhat painful conclusion to a concert which was right on target rang: your and our sense of nostalgia. Deus brought the hits that we have in our tienerkamer discovered and savoureerden, and we are now again with a lot of taste, were allowed to consume it.

All the pressure rested today on the shoulders of one man: Bruno De Groote. Despite his many miles on the clock as a guitarist with Axelle Red and Raymond van het Groenewoud, today still known as The New Guitarist Of Deus. Frontman Tom Barman, from top to toe dressed in white, put the newbie moving way into the spotlight by making him the first notes of the concert to bets, namely that of ‘If you don’t get what you want’.

The Great got of the rest of the band several times the chance to shine more, and did so: ‘Theme from turnpike’ and ‘Instant street’ (there were so classics) did you see him stoic thing to do. The Great is a showman in his own way; no grand gestures, but a graceful style to his profession betrayed. Nice for him to see.

Outliers of this concert were a funky ‘Fell off the floor, man’ – George Clinton in discomodus and a refined ‘Lounge’.
In between was a lot of rumbling and a sound mixer which constantly gemorreld had to be. Of Deus, we were still just a little bit tighter expected.

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