Boom Chicago celebrates its anniversary in Amsterdam

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Theater group Boom Chicago from Amsterdam celebrates Saturday its 25th anniversary. In all these years is the core behind the komediegezelschap always been the same. “A close-knit group of friends who likes to make people laugh,” says co-founder Saskia Maas on the group improvising American comedians.

Seth Meyers

One of the main themes of the group is the social discussion. “Yet, there was little political comedy made in the Netherlands. Now we have Arjen Well on tv, but we covered the appearance of Zwarte Piet is already far for the Zwarte Piet-discussion, at all markets,” says Maas.

Boom Chicago has developed over the years to be a breeding ground for American komedietalent, Seth Meyers is undoubtedly the most famous. He now has his own talk show and presented large awardshows as the Emmy Awards and the Golden Globes.

Saturday Night Live

Which Americans were not directly to jump to in the Netherlands to act. “In the beginning, when we only in the summer appeared in, it was still,” says Maas. “But comedians often have an intended path that they want to follow. They want, for example, scouted by the producers of Saturday Night Live. And that could not in the Netherlands, they thought they had. Seth Meyers has changed that. He could in a time to work for Saturday Night Live and then it was suddenly: Oh, wait a minute…”

New comedians before them on the Boom Chicago stage but first a crash course in the Netherlands. “They always get a course.” That means that they must know what is going on in our country and who is who. “That costs a couple of rehearsals”, go river Meuse. “But queen Máxima, they should just know. Someone like Tom Dumoulin is less important. I always say: follow the news.”


The rack is not yet out for Boom Chicago. In addition to the full agenda will follow in the autumn, a program for young improvisational talent. “We will start with a Boom Chicago Academy, which we talent a chance. As we continue working on our incubator.”

Seth Meyers kicks Saturday night jubilee at Theater Carré solo and a show with many guests on the program. Among others, Arjen is Well, Horace Cohen, Jelka van Houten, Ruben van der meer, Ruben Nicolai and Tijl Beckand are on the line-up.

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