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As you can the ceremony of the Red Devils in Brussels celebrate

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Just as in 1986, the Red Devils in Brussels as the real heros. Who wants to be on time. For security reasons, there will be only 9.000 fans will be admitted on the main Market, sounds at the Brussels police. How many people are expected, is difficult to predict.

Saturday night to play the Red Devils in their last game at the world cup, to the third and fourth place against England. Then Brussels Airlines them back to Belgium.

At 12.30 you. they will be received at the royal palace where king Filip and queen Mathilde, who during the world cup fans have shown them personally and congratulate for their performance in Russia.

In a blinded bus it then goes to the mont des arts where they are around 14 you. switch in an open bus. The whole route is traffic-free.

Via the Infante Isabellastraat, Putterij , Duquesnoy, Sint-Jansplein, lombard street , rue de l’etuve and they come out in the Vruntstraat, between the Grand place and the Brussels police. There they have the town hall inside than on the balcony of the first floor to appear. That will take around 15 you. .

“From the balcony of the town Hall will be the Red Devils supporters can greet and enjoy the great atmosphere that this world cup with the supporters across the country has brought about”, so it sounds at the Royal Belgian Football association.

More than an hour, they will to the supporters waving and shooting. At 16.30 you. , the honouring of past and can the Red Devils finally with vacation leave.

Where you should definitely not go and have a look?

It has no sense to go to the palace of Laeken. The players come and leave again in a bus with darkened rear windows. Who is there to have a glimpse wants to capture Courtois or Hazard is there anyway for the effort.

How many fans are expected?

That the Belgian football association or the Brussels police is difficult to estimate. But they will be with many thousands of his. “The access is free. There will only 9.000 supporters admitted to the main Market”, report to the city of Brussels and the royal belgian football association. The police recommend supporters to order in plenty of time to come. “Because if the maximum capacity is reached, the streets that give access to the market irrevocably closed. This is for safety reasons.”

And what if the Big Market full of stands?

The mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close, expect a mass of people. Therefore, there are also two large screens. One comes at the Beursplein, in the pedestrian wandelzone in Brussels. That is within walking distance of the Large Market, let Wafaa Hammich, spokeswoman for the mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close, know. The second screen comes to the Albertinaplein (Central station).

What should you do/not bring?

In addition to the fact that you’re pretty good on time, calls on the police of the zone Capital also to make sure no large bags or backpacks to bring. “The entrances to the Great Market will be closed and everyone will be checked. Bring no glass bottles. Which are prohibited in order to avoid too euphoric supporters, their bottle would drop, or discard, and that the shards others would be able to injure yourself,” says Ilse Van de Keere of the Brussels police. Flags are permitted, large vlaggenstokken not. Also, all other objects by the security forces as dangerous could be regarded, will be prohibited.

How do I get to the Big Market?

The police recommend everyone to by public transport or by bike.

With subway or bus you have to get the best out of the Central station, Brouckère or Bourse. Timetables on and

With the train do you best to the Central station. Hence, it is only a few minutes steps. Please refer to the timetable and itinerary :

You will come with the car please take into account the very busy traffic and park a short distance from the main Market square. It is beautiful weather, so you can best close. Or you can park in one of the betaalparkings in the area. The following ten parking garages are located within a radius of 1 km around the Great Market: Squire / Albertina-Square monnaie / De Brouckère / Alhambra / the Passage 44 / City 2 / Botanique – Sint-Jan / Sablon place poelaert / Rogier

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Live on tv?

The entire event is Sunday, live on tv, and is a co-production from VRT, RTBF, VTM and RTL.

VTM will start at 11.55 with THANKS DEVILS!, a special broadcast from the VTM NEWS around the festive arrival of the Red Devils in Brussels. Anchor Dany Verstraeten switches to the live broadcast, also regularly to Michael Ameloot that the Devils on the festive trail at the foot follows. Eva Peeters, at the Castle of Laeken, Maarten Breckx will report on the Major Market where Julie Colpaert located below the fans at the festival mixes.

Also, One brings the entire ceremony in the living room. Riadh Bahri brings Sunday live report from Laeken, Goedele Guards and Stijn De Groote beat the festivities from the Grand-place. Ruben Van Gucht and his RTBF-colleague Vincent Langendries present happening on the Market square from the town hall and doing interviews with the Devils. Karl Vannieuwkerke gives the comments from Villa Sporza, where he and his guests looking back on the world cup performance of the Devils.

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