Again, prestigious role for Matteo Simoni

40aa11401715f31f5ae802c45512d6c3 - Again, prestigious role for Matteo Simoni

Matteo Simoni plays the role of Marco Pantani in a European co-production, writes het belang Van Limburg. Previously he played Rocco Granata in the film “Marina”. In “Zillion, the movie” will he be in the shoes of Dennis Black Magic.
Currently, the recordings of “Callboys II” is still underway, with the same actors as before. The actor had to train hard to look like an athletic gigolo. To Marco Pantani to play, he should look like a lightweight, because that was the deceased cyclist. Marco Pantani was a tragic figure who became depressed and at the age of 34 died from a cocktail of cocaine and antidepressants. He won in 1998 both the Giro and the Tour.
Matteo Simoni will as always prepare well for this role, because he has even Tom Boonen is already on to him the technical tricks of the championships.

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