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Two years after Pokémon Go: zombies hunt

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Is Augmented Reality death? Well, no, but perhaps a little undead. Two years after Pokémon Go, there is ‘The walking dead: Our world.

First the good news: the zombies in the Alfons Gossetlaan to Groot-Bijgaarden are cleared, and the survivors are brought together in a shelter at the height of the editor Economy. And it is …

First the good news: the zombies in the Alfons Gossetlaan to Groot-Bijgaarden are cleared, and the survivors are brought together in a shelter at the height of the editor Economy. And it is only 11 hours. This technologieredacteur of The Standard has been early shift so is already useful completed.

But who two years ago was convinced that the Augmented Reality era really had begun, which must determine that The walking dead: Our world does not mean all that much to add to that massive success of the summer of 2016, the Pokémon Go.

That The walking dead: Our world in one rule can be summarized as ” Pokémon Go with zombies’, it is all pretty disappointing. In 2016, tens of thousands of Flemish bleekneuzen for the first time since their peuterjaren in our city parks, on the hunt for Charizards and Venusaurs. But the expected flood of new AR games did not.

Pokémon on the table

However, it made both Apple and Google clearly that they have high expectations of Augmented Reality. Not only for games, but also for serious applications. The iPhone got the ARKit software, Android got the similar ARCore. That software would make it possible to much more sophisticated AR-tricks to pick from than the fairly basic Pokémon Go. On the screen of your smartphone, you could see how life-like digital creatures interact with objects in your real environment. A Pokémon on your coffee table or behind the couch and hides, that sort of thing.

Technically, the now, but where are the applications? The remains are actually still in the Pokémon Go and Snapchat-filters (and the more sophisticated versions of those filters, such as Apples Animoji).

Zombie by the table

The walking dead: Our world used already definitely are the new features of ARKit and ARCore. At least: if your smartphone can handle. In that case, you see the undead advance on your own sidewalk or between the furniture of your living room (though they are sometimes by the tables). But on our ‘midrange’ Huawei-smartphone I get that isn’t an option. When I was on the street rondwandel, I see on the screen where the zombies and their victims hang out. But once I battle with the monsters to take, there really is no AR more: then it is a just shooter of thirteen in a dozen.

Zombies in your living room – or for me today, by necessity, on the editorial board of The Standard – makes quite a difference for the gaming experience. Even if it touches the image will be so overloaded that you are the undead rabble, harder a bullet through the head can aim. And you have your smartphone firmly. Who on result, so it is better to the AR again.

Supposedly free

Fun is that you have less far to steps for Pokémon Go: without the end of the street to walk, we already had dozens of walking corpses began to be swept down. Less pleasant is how fast Our world you are trying to convert to spend money to keep playing. Yes, that is now standaardkost in so-called free to playgames, but there are large differences in how greedy the game developers to work on it. And in this case, developer Next Games clear hoogdringend an expensive license on The walking dead, to repay to AMC.

Further, it seems to play fairly well in each other. With the afknallen of the undead, you’ll earn all kinds of points and prices, so you can put characters from the tv series as sidekick, then help you in the fight. And you can join a group of other players, to more complex ‘missions’ to carry out.

Our world is not the only new AR-game, last month, all of Jurassic World Alive launched. But that was already a Pokémon Go rip-off. Except zombies and dinos is coming in the near future, more on us: for a long time already-announced Harry Potter game, for example, from the same creators as Pokémon Go, Niantic. Around Ghostbusters is also slightly developed.


But AR-believers will tell you that AR on your smartphone, but a pale taste of the real thing: an AR-glasses. With such a pair of glasses will the Pokémon and the undead really for your eyes by the kitchen pass, not only on that small smartphoneschermpje. The problem is that the current AR-goggles, in particular the Microsoft Hololens, expensive (3,000 euro) and with all sorts of technical difficulties. The main problem is the field of view: virtual objects are only visible in a small area right in front of your eyes. You look a little to the side, then they disappear.

The AR-glasses of Magic Leap would be to do away with those limitations and for the breakthrough of AR cares, or that it was long expected. But the mysterious, inter alia, by Google-funded company is successful, there does not in to his own hype. This week presented the glasses, but a real demonstration could there not from. Neither made Magic Leap known how much the glasses will cost and how large the field of view is. That feeds the speculation that the glasses barely (or not) is better than the two-year-old Hololens. An AR-glasses that looks like a regular pair of glasses and that you spent hours and hours on your nose can keep up, remains a distant future.

The walking dead: Our world is now available for iOS and Android.

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