This is the advice that Tom Cruise himself would give

Tom Cruise has a moment taken to reflect on his life, and especially his past. He has a lesson planned for his younger self if he ever had that chance it would have.

Tom Cruise

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight is Tom asked what he would say if he thirty years back in time could go and have a conversation could have with himself. Long had the actor not to think: “Enjoy everything on your path!”, he reacts firmly.

The actor also tells that over the last thirty years very much has changed, especially when it comes to how he and his stuntwerk handles. During the filming of Mission: Impossible – Fallout in Paris, he was afraid that he would cause damage to the city and its historic buildings.

“I was very careful. During the drive I also, of course, to the acting, there are everywhere cameras and I am only trying to nothing to hit. That is me, fortunately, it succeeded, I’m really relieved.”

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