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‘The letter for the king’ series

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Netflix verfilmt The letter for the king by Tonke Dragt, one of the most popular children’s books from the Dutch-speaking region.

The recordings of the English series find, already this autumn take place in Prague and New Zealand. Names of director(s) or actors, are not yet published.

The jeugdroman appeared in 1962 and is now in its fiftieth edition in English. The story, about a squire who makes a promise to a stranger by which he in a series of adventures end up, is translated in 25 languages, including Chinese, Russian and Japanese. In 2008, the book has been made into a feature film by Pieter Verhoeff. The initiative for the series came from the Dutch producer Paul Trijbits, which Netflix brought together with a contributing editor Manja Heerze.

Dragt, 87, is happy that her story there will be 125 million viewers. Netflix and Trijbits’ company Movie Wave lead the production. Will Davies, screenwriter of, among others, How to train your dragon?, made a operation. But both Dragt, as a publishing house Leopold is fully engaged in production, ” says Heerze in Boekblad. ‘That’s going to be a very enjoyable way.’

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