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The Bitcoin mania drives the crypto-Miner to rural Washington

25d9216106d2a244cf3bcdee6929e98b - The Bitcoin mania drives the crypto-Miner to rural Washington

For American Bitcoin Mining company in the US state of Washington is the first choice. This comes thanks to hydro-electric dams which the energy of the Columbia river, and thus low electricity costs in the Region are on tap.

Grand Coulee Dam in Washington

Source: Wikipedia

In Wenatchee, a city at the confluence of the Columbia River and Wenatchee is located, is a Bitcoin Mining Invasion in progress.

On the question of how serious this Situation respond is the mayor of the city of Wenatchee:

“If you are the you are going to tell the Post-courier by FedEx or UPS ask what is currently being delivered to Wenatchee, because it is a whole lot of Bitcoin Mining machines.”

All of these new Mining should be farms approved, this could quadruple the power consumption of the Region, and this does not include the huge amount of money needed for the new infrastructure.

The public utility district of Chelan County has already received four different Mining requests, each of these requires 100 megawatts – enough electricity to 50 to keep hospitals in operation.

Energy demand per square foot [0.09290304 m2] per year

“We get requests for services that are just amazing,” said Steve Wright, General Manager of the Chelan County Public Utility District.

Adding to that, the crypto Mining farms need little space, they can be placed on extremely small space. Practically, this means the a Computer Server the size of a Laundry basket can be placed in a 2.3 square feet of space. This can consume a lot of energy as 1000 households.

The Mining operations are not, however, completely harmless. The high energy demand often occurs on systems which have not grown, which can then in melted cables or overloaded power transformers. In the last year, it was for this reason, even a fire in the city of Entiat, which is approximately 30 miles from Wenatchee.

Already, about 30 crypto-Mining companies in the Region Chelan County resident, a number which increased thanks to bitcoin price rise significantly in the last year. This number is continuously increasing. Reports of local officials that the Region still gets about 20 calls per week from people interested in show your own Bitcoin Mining Farm there.

Steve Schaeffer, President for crypto-capital strategy in MGT Capital, believes that in the long term, will increase the energy prices in the Region due to the Influx of Mining farms.

“Miners will soon have a higher price for their energy numbers, the fabulous world of Washington will therefore likely soon to be a part of the past for the industry.”

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