Swimming pools may boerkini not prohibit

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Ghent – Two swimming pools in the Belgian Gent women with boerkini not fend off. That has the court Friday decided. At a ban would the pools are guilty of discrimination.

A woman in boerkini (archive view).

Boerkini and other integumentary swimwear for ’hygienic and security reasons’ is not allowed in the two swimming pools. Scientific research has proven that a swimsuit that covers the whole body, not less, hygienic than other swimwear. So reports the bbc news.

Muslim women who for religious reasons a boerkini wearing be harmed by the pools. That informs the court.


Gent is in appeal against the judgment. The pools should have their rules and the muslims who go to the court and were stepped on, get a compensation. In addition, Ghent is also the case in Antwerp a boerkiniverbod in swimming pools. The board let know in a comment that the city holds on to that prohibition.

In the Netherlands it is swimming in boerkini simply allowed.

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