Superman star Henry Cavill says sorry for MeToo-statements

9af3161488c61dc830f19df49bc029d6 - Superman star Henry Cavill says sorry for MeToo-statements

Henry Cavill has apologized for a comment he made during an interview with Australian GQ. Therein, said the Superman-actor that he is, since the emergence of the MeToo-movement not more women dared to step away for a chat, because he is afraid to be accused of rape.

Henry Cavill

“Now that I have the comments on an article have seen, in particular, about my ideas on dating and the MeToo-motion, I would like to apologize for the confusion and misunderstanding that this has caused”, says the actor in a statement to The Huffington Post. “It was not my intention to bone. I would therefore like to clarify and confirm that I women high have stuck, that has always been so and will remain so, regardless of whether it is a friendship, a professional band or a relationship.”

Henry has learned from his statements, as late as the 35-year-old know. “I would never let anyone intentionally disrespectful treatment. This experience was a lesson in context, nuance, and journalistic freedom. I look forward to in the future, my point to make clear about this important subject, that with all my heart I support.”

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