Soldier of Orange-star brings Twentelied from

Niels Gooijer, who had the leading role in the hitmusical “Soldier of Orange”, an ode to Twente. The song What if, he, together with his colleague Roosmarijn Luyten sings, is also part of the musical Stork!, in late August premiere. The performance is written to the 150th anniversary of Hengelo to celebrate.

Niels Gooijer

The single will be out next week. Stork! is played in a tent at the former Stork terrain in Hengelo. Han Oldigs, winner of the Musical Award 2017 and also known as the VARA-hit series Unit 13, plays the lead role of founder C. T. Stork.

The play is produced by Metropool, Hengelo, Wilminktheater Enschede and Theaterhotel Almelo. The musical is on show from 20 August to 23 september.

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