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Scarlett Johansson plays then no transgender

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The American actress Scarlett Johansson is in the movie Rub & tug than the role of the transman Dante ‘Tex’ Gill play.

In an exclusive interview with Out Magazine shows the 33-year-old Hollywoodactrice know that they are ‘in the light of the recent ethical questions about my casting’ withdrawing from the team of Rub & tug. Recently, controversy has arisen because the role would play a criminal occupant of massage parlors in the 70’s openly came out that she was a man felt.

Voices from the gay and transgendergemeenschap saw rather a transgender person play the role. ‘Watch Jared Leto respond to Johansson in the first instance. Who starred in Dallas buyers club a transvrouw. But in the meantime she said to see.


‘Since my first statement, I have learned a lot about the transgender community’, it sounds. “I realize that I was insensitive. I have a lot of respect and love for the transgemeenschap and I am glad that there are more and more talked about inclusiveness in Hollywood.’

Johansson looked forward to Dante ‘Tex’ Gill to play, but understands why many find that the role of a transgender should be played’. Together with her production company, These Pictures, she looks forward to in the future with each community to work together ‘to do this kind of aangrijpelijke and important stories to the world.”

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