Russian sanctions continue to apply until the end of 2019

2de1207b29331b93dc08de04509be5e6 - Russian sanctions continue to apply until the end of 2019

Russian president Vladimir Putin has signed a decree that retaliatory measures against western countries extends until december 31, 2019. That is the Russian answer to the sanctions that western countries already since 2014 impose.

On 9 July, the European Union announced economic sanctions against Russia by six months to renew. Three days later came the answer: the Russian government was instructed to the various sanctions, which since march 2014 walk, to extend.

The European sanctions include economic measures, but also individual restrictions for the Crimea. There is also a ban on arms trade. Concretely, for Belgium, this means that farmers no dairy, meat, fruit and vegetables export to Russia.

In march 2014 presented the European Union and the United States, along with Canada, Australia, Japan, b, c, d, New Zealand, and Iceland economic sanctions on Russia because of the civil war in Ukraine. The annexation of Crimea threw oil on the fire. In August of that year there came a reply from Putin. The government placed special economic measures to the EU, the USA, Norway, Australia and Canada to ensure the safety of Russia to guarantee”. Later, the list of sanctioned countries is still extended.

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