NATO summit degenerates into chaos

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BRUSSELS – Total chaos caused president Trump with his outburst on a fair cost-sharing within NATO. Day 2 of the summit in Brussels had about quite other matters, but, in its way, knew the American everyone is on the cabinet to hunt.

President Trump has the relations within the NATO sharpened.

Where Trump victory crowed that he has billions of dollars worth of commitments had inside of other countries to quickly meet the NATO standard, so the storm was not going to lie that there is actually very little had changed. Countries had already promised to do more efforts to be faster on the 2-procentsnorm to comply was not the case.

So it seemed that the NATO leaders Thursday morning in the bizarre reality-soap the life of president Trump is, too. Trump arrived an hour late for a scheduled meeting with the leaders of Georgia and Ukraine, which the EU was present.

Then he started according to attendees about the costs and how unfair the bill was for the USA. The other leaders thought this topic on day 1 of the summit had already been concluded; there was, after all, an declaration about adopted. Secretary-general) decided, after Trumps eruption that made a spoedzitting to invest with only the leaders of the 29 NATO countries. The leaders of Ukraine, Georgia and the EU had to leave.

Implicitly threatened to Trump, according to attendees of the U.S. from NATO will withdraw if the others are not to his pipes were dancing. The Americans would for a private security strategy – only choose. Also, he would have said that, if there are not more and paid more quickly, this ’dire consequences’ would have.

At a press conference after the end of the half hour crisisberaad went Trump on the organ. Threaten the NATO to leave – he would be able to do, ” he said – was not necessary because there were many representations received. He claimed that countries 33 billion dollars extra going to pull it out. “Maybe even 40 billion,” he promised. Later it turned out the to old commitments. The French president claimed that there is nothing new under the sun. All that is, is the in 2014 agreed that countries within ten years will grow to 2 percent.

The Netherlands also goes on top of the already extra 5 billion euros for this government’s term of office as yet, nothing extra. Everything that prime minister Rutte wanted to commit, was that Trump the ’urgency’ of the subject again on the agenda. The netherlands will be a year to see whether there is still space to add an extra step to convert. Nothing will happen extras, then the Netherlands will be far removed still from the 2 per cent. Although the event in 2014 was that countries promise to ’grow’ to the 2 percent – and, therefore, not to capture on the standard, it is after Trumps interventions in politics have become more and more difficult to get. In the case of the Netherlands this means that on top of the € 9 billion that already is spent, there are at least 6 billion euro per year will come.

In this sense, Trump might be a success is achieved. But his claim that the alliance after the two-day summit was stronger than ever, and before that relationships were still too sharp.

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