Mayor of London, furious at Trump

LONDON – The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has fiercely out at the Us president Trump, who will be visiting Great Britain. Khan called Trumps assertion that the increase of violent crime by immigration, obvious nonsense. “The idea that you can attribute to immigration from Africa is an absolute nonsense” and we should clearly say to him, says Khan.

Trump had accused Khan in an interview with the newspaper The Sun that he has very bad performance in the fight against terrorism, and that under his burgmeesterschap “crime to the city is imported.”

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Trump warns May about brexitplannen

Trumps interview because of his working visit to the Uk, many Brits are shocked. He was ranting against the EU-policies of his host, prime minister Theresa May, and suggested that her rival Boris Johnson a better British government.

Members of parliament have Friday called for the American guest to make it clear that he goes too far, for example, by his meeting with queen Elizabeth II (Friday afternoon) to say, reported the Guardian newspaper.

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