Marco van Ginkel: “It is hard work’

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Marco van Ginkel stands by a heavy knee surgery again for months, and maybe even a whole season offside. Who is a mentally completely broken athlete thinks to take it, however, wrong. “I already knew that this ever had to happen,” says the 26-year-old midfielder of Chelsea, last year the captain of the kampioenselftal of PSV.

Marco van Ginkel stands by a heavy knee surgery again for months offside.

You’ve just got a new anterior cruciate ligament for your right knee. Why is the surgery done?

“I’ve been now three years without an anterior cruciate ligament and, yes, actually, you have that just need. It could be, but it was becoming less and less. Last season, I’m training and only at the end of the week. I’m still quite young, have if the well is still a few years for me.”

She is there not such a thing through your head: ’is this good’?

“You’ll never know, but I’m going to assume that the follow. I am always positive. This is the second surgery on the right knee, after I was five years ago, my cruciate ligament afscheurde. Hopefully it will be good now.”

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How will the rehabilitation be like?

“The exact route we still need to plan. I will fly tomorrow (today, red.) to London and then we will have a number of things to go through. Tentatively I walk on crutches. I already knew for a while that this would happen, so I have it set up. Fortunately, I have enough friends and family members who visit me, but eventually I have to do it yourself. It is hard work, but I have sure about it and I take the time to read. I’m not going to rush it.”

Fortunately, it is your last reminder on the football field, a very, very nice…

“Say that again. The championship with PSV and then, after that match against Ajax the scale hold up. Because of these developments, I already knew that it would not succeed in to next season, again in Eindhoven, to play. With Chelsea, I have also not yet talked about the sports future. I still have a contract until mid-2020, so we will see. First but hard to recover.”

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