Lange Frans and Baas B ’on speaking terms’

7287b2b30d27ae601c0424b373f368f3 - Lange Frans and Baas B ’on speaking terms’

After years there is some rapprochement between Lange Frans and Baas B. The two seem to be burying the hatchet to want to be buried.

“Last week we had slightly had contact,” says Lange Frans in Wilfred Heal radio show The Friday Move op BNR. “We’re a little bit of text and are somewhat on speaking terms with each other.” Genee sees opportunities for future collaboration. French is pleased with the developments, but of a musical reunion is according to French, no question. “But yes, this is definitely a start.”

Frans and Bart Zeilstra, such as the Boss B are actually called, scored hits as The land of and Moppie. In 2009, they went with a quarrel from each other.

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