Kylie Minogue: ’My new band is so sexy!’

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For her Golden Tour in september, had Kylie Minogue, extra guitarists in her band add. The 50-year-old singer loves the new and sexy dynamic between her and the band.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie brought in april her fourteenth studio album Golden. Her new work was largely in Nashville included and also has strong country influences. This sound can also live a good way to be able to convert, should her band be extended.

“I like to be busy with choreography and that type of things, the energy of the band at the time really very strong,” says Kylie on Magic Radio. “It is the first time that I was three guitarists have, because that was necessary for the countrygeluid. Oh my god, it’s so sexy with them there.”

She describes the energy between her and the band as organised chaos: “Sometimes I think that we are just a group of people who together make noise. Everyone can do something. And, coincidentally, it appears that to work quite well together, and we fill each other perfectly. You will get really energized.”

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