Kill by verkiezingsaanslagen Pakistan

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ISLAMABAD – two bomb attacks on election rallies in Pakistan on Friday dozens of people to the life to come. Most of the victims, 128, fell by an attack in the southern province of Baluchistan.

Among the dead there was a candidate for the elections on 25 July. The meeting was attended by more than a thousand people. The terrorists would have taken eight to ten pounds of explosives to blast. More than 120 people were injured. The attack was claimed both by a local branch of the Taliban as an Islamic State.

The other attack was in the city of Bannu in the north of Pakistan. There were five people. During a speech of a candidate for the elections was a bomb. The politician was unharmed.

Tuesday was also an attack during an election meeting in the city of Peshawar which twenty people lost their lives. That attack was claimed by the Taliban. Who was behind the youngest, acts of terrorism, is not clear.

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