Kensington does not take any gun shoot

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Guitarist Casper Starreveld of Kensington says a ’healthy wedstrijdspanning feel for the concert that the group Saturday. The Dutch rock band at a sold-out Johan Cruijff ArenA for 50,000 men to act. Friday the band for the first time on stage in the ArenA for the dress rehearsal.

Casper is looking forward to Saturday. “It is epic,” he says. “In the end, there we go do something that’s never been before.” However, he says, make sure to not crazy things on the neck. “There is no trapezeshow and let us also not from a gun shoot. It must be a little bit suit us.”

The band started in november with the preparations for the big concert. The biggest challenge for the ArenA is, according to Casper, make contact with the public. That was in the smaller Ziggo easier. “It is almost a logistical challenge because the ArenA is huge and we want to make the connection with the audience is preserved. We now need more and different use of video screens.”

Beset by nerves

The band knows of the challenge with the sound in the ArenA, where it can be quite reverbs. Since January, the band members already doing it. “Ed Sheeran rides his concert everywhere, but we have the luxury to be focused on the ArenA. By customization we hope to make the best of it. Thus, the sound is not stresspunt more for the band.”

At nerves can band together, find support. “If we are nervous and don’t like, convince each other that we are there not for nothing. We have this steady built in the last ten, twelve years. You should trust your experience.” The voltage delivers the singer sometimes crazy dreams. “I had a dream last that the concert was moved to a meadow in the middle of the polder, with only three boxes.”

Meters in the ArenA

Casper has over the past time, prepared with plenty of rest and exercise. At the beginning of this year, the musician started running, “because you have to do some meters have to overcome in the ArenA.” And further: “eating healthy, not drinking too much all the time, to bed on time, exercise and plenty of rest. Welcome to the world of rock and roll.”

After their peak in the ArenA delves Kensington back in the studio for a new album.

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