Johanna Ter Steege in race for Golden Leopard

4c69508100c0598e02a8c52fc2a92eb2 - Johanna Ter Steege in race for Golden Leopard

The Hungarian-Dutch film Here, starring actress Johanna ter Steege, this year at the festival of Locarno chance at a Golden Leopard. The film of the Hungarian director Balint Kenyeres is selected for the competition of the prestigious festival.

That has co-producer Rotterdam Films Friday announced. Here (Yesterday) tells about the boss of a construction company to a North African country for the problems in an expensive project to fix. There, he is confronted with memories of his past.

Ter Steege plays in the film next to the Hungarian actor Vlad Ivanov. It broke through internationally with his role in the grim, with a Golden Palm award-winning abortusdrama Four months, three weeks and two days. Distributor film buff’s brings Here, is expected to be out this year in the Dutch cinemas.

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