Jane Fonda breaks a lance for housekeepers

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Jane Fonda has Thursday a visit to the American congress. The actress spoke on Capitol Hill with a number of politicians, among them Bernie Sanders, about the fate of women in the household and work on the farms.

Jane Fonda

“These women – often with a dark skin color, often immigrants – are very, very vulnerable. They are huge isolated in their work and their voice is not heard,” said the 80-year-old Grace and Frankie star. “In Hollywood, we realize that we have the privilege to get behind these vulnerable women that our privileges have not, whose voice is not heard. We are like antennas, of which piles on the top of a mountain that the signals in the valley to catch and they spread it further.”

Jane has been around since the sixties, is active as an activist, then against the war in Vietnam. Later, she put the focus on women’s issues. She founded in 2005, the Women’s Media Center and is still much sought-after speaker in the debates around feminism.

In a press conference Thursday, she described according to Variety, the MeToo and Time’s Up-movements as a turning point. “I never thought I would live to see that women were heard,” according to the Hollywoodicoon. “I am aware that this is so has been able to begin because of the women that came with their story and white and were famous. But soon, we heard of other women movements, that is left to know that they are behind us were.”

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