Italy weert ship with 450 migrants on board

Italy refuses to accept a ship with approximately 450 migrants on board to moor. The ship is the first in Maltese waters and, therefore, Malta is responsible, the minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini.

‘Malta, the smugglers, and rivulet in the whole of Italy and the rest of the world should know that this ship is not Italian port can and should enter, ” she said Friday on Twitter.

Malta is contesting the claim of Salvini. When the Maltese rescue services been notified, was on the ship, according to a government spokesman in the capital, Valletta, 53 nautical miles from the Italian island of Lampedusa and 110 nautical miles from Malta. The country is then also not responsible, he added.

It is still highly unclear to which boat it is and to whom it is headed. According to Italian media, the ship sails at the moment in the direction of Lampedusa.

Italy under the rule of Salvini the reddingsschepen of ngos the access to Italian ports, is denied. According to Salvini, they’re playing into the cards of people smugglers by migrants to rescue rickety boats to Italy.At the end of June refused a Spanish ngo with 59 from Libya rescued migrants, and a week previously advised the country reddingsschip Lifeline to sail to the Netherlands.

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