Iceberg 100 feet high threatened the coast of Greenland

A 100-metre-high iceberg drift threatens the coasts of Greenland, which the local authorities Friday coastal residents had to evacuate.

The police of Greenland, the inhabitants of the island Innarsuit to pull away from the coast. They fear that their homes submerged as the giant ice block breaks. “We fear that the iceberg calves off, what a flood in the zone would cause,” says Lina Davidsen, chief of security at the police of Greenland.

The village in the northwest of Greenland has 169 inhabitants, but only those who are in the vicinity of the iceberg to live, were evacuated, reported the Danish news agency Ritzau.

‘The iceberg floats still close to the village, the police is discussing what to do, ” says Kunuk Frediksen, a high officer of the Greenland police.

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