G-Eazy almost fainted by Leonardo DiCaprio

c9d4d7f806c1d2aa7985647ba872569d - G-Eazy almost fainted by Leonardo DiCaprio

G-Eazy is such a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio that he is almost of his stick went when he the actor met during the Oscars.


The Me, Myself & I singer could not believe it when he heard that Leonardo DiCaprio was a fan of him. Especially since G-Eazy himself too big of a fan of the actor. “It was bizarre,” says the rapper on Entertainment Tonight when asked him to their first meeting. “We were at a party of the Oscars and I was happy to be under the influence enough to not be nervous. I saw him pass me, and I thought ’Wow!’”

“I tapped him on the shoulder and started talking to him. He said something along the lines of ” You’re crazy. You are a rock star and I like you.’ I thought it was real, that I would faint. You forget sometimes that everyone is just human. That we are fans of each other is really weird. You don’t think about that, as someone also just listening to music.”

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