Emotional day for Jef De Smedt

4a6f7c3841f520227b6c6bcf504a89da - Emotional day for Jef De Smedt

Friday the thirteenth of July will go down in history as the day when the cast and crew of Family to say goodbye to the studios in Boortmeerbeek. They do Friday night in style, because, as the tradition wants it to go cast and crew dancing in the summer during a theme party. In the past it was the conclusion of the season is celebrated with, among other things, a night where everyone in legerplunje decked out. This time, it is given the event the name “Bye Bye Bastards”, a reference to the parting of Family at Tv Bastards in Boortmeerbeek. The actors and staff members of Family are real party animals and that will be Friday night turn out to be when Jo Hands together with the rest of Level Six for live music. And then for just about the whole cast of holiday and a month-long cannot be rotated. Without a doubt there will be Friday night tears flow because, for among other things, Jef De Smedt was the studio in Boortmeekbeek a second home. From the middle of August, home to Family in the Ribbon, but for the viewers at home will change not what.

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