Eminem reigns in Goffertpark

His last plates may be less pots to break, the first appearance of Eminem in our country in fifteen years was in less than half an hour sold out and not for nothing. In Goffertpark went to the American rapper Thursday night at times old-fashioned bozig pounding.

The full meebouncende public in the province of brabant received the sought-after greatest hits show, of the American, even though most of the songs long setlist, only parts played. The attention was on his eight studio albums, divided by the largely from beneath his hood back from rapping superstar. So fell at the beginning of the three songs on The Eminem Showuit 2002: first Square Dance, then White America and the smash hit Sing for the Moment. In between, he hung good the psychopath from in Kill You from The Marshall Matters LP (2000).

Of the most recent Revival (2017) followed only in the middle part Framed and Walk on Water, which is originally Beyoncé a contribution. Thursday was to honor the American singer Skylar Grey. That then remained to all equally meritorious also the parties of Dido for her to take in the famous ’letters’ Stan and Rihanna in Love the Way You Lie.

In the slot, it was mainly his older weapons that Eminem Nijmegen to body went. My name is, The Real Slim Shady, Without Me and of course Lose Yourself are the hits that this man has the world conquered, and which he Thursday as a grand showman of all possible first substance is disposed. That he a pack of fireworks had a great mc (Nijmegen but bléef appeal to in Amsterdam), next to him, and tight band and strings behind helped really. But it was the often inimitable vocal smooth rapper itself that it has performed.

Good news for his mass word for word with rapping fans, because they know the now 45-year-old hiphopveteraan. The harder he from the Detroitse slums around kicked and rappend of bite, the more the world of Marshall Matters went. At the height of his success in the nineties and early zeroes he radiated in his life-based movie 8 Mile (for which he still as a very first hiphopper an Oscar for the song Lose Yourself).

Precisely when he went and painfully open and exposed down to an addiction to painkillers and sedatives. Something he, along with a significant dranklust, to own say still to above would have come. But musically heard, and we saw that sublime to his toes tormented, angry, white bijtertje then only rarely. It is significant, for example, that he is there for his most recent album, Revival, is so hard of along got from some critics that he is reduced to diss rap against critics. Would have been better to do what he Thursday did: just on the stage to show that he is still a player in the hip-hop dominated popwereld of today.

He is there still. Fine.

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