Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon denies groping fan

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Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon denies that he in 1995, a fan has groped during a book signing in Los Angeles. Her story is ’simply not true’, says the singer in a statement on Facebook.

Simon Le Bon

The woman claimed earlier this week in a message on Facebook that Le Bon her by her buttocks fingering and then a way to her genitals trying to find. The now 47-year-old victim was only after 23 years with the story to have come out because she said was afraid of the reactions. The now famous quote from Donald Trump, ’Grab them by the pussy’, her thoughts changed.

“I could no longer keep secret,” said the woman. “I want everyone to know what this man did to me. I hope that he publicly due to the dust.”

Le Bon says that he is the statement of the woman has read. “I’ve always been somebody who, his mistakes, admits and apologised for its shortcomings. But I can not apologize for something that I haven’t done,” writes the singer.

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