‘Donald Trump is a unicorn on a unicorn over a rainbow drive’

The former perschef of the White House, Sean Spicer, in spite of his dismissal still so much admiration for Donald Trump, that him in his upcoming memoirs ‘a unicorn on a unicorn over a rainbow ride.”

Spicer, who exactly one year ago, the doors of the White House behind toetrok, still runs about the admiration for his former boss, president Trump. This is evident from his memoirs, that on the 24th of July in the bookstores in the United States will lie, and which the British newspaper The Guardian already had a look could take.

In his book ‘The Briefing: Politics, the Press and the President’ the former perschef Trump ‘a unicorn on a unicorn over a rainbow ride’.

Spicer mean it that Trump, according to him, on unseen qualities. “It is unlikely how he has a problem so serious that it’s the end of his career might mean, can reverse in an attack on his opponent. It is a talent that few politicians possess, ” writes Spicer. “I don’t think we ever have a politician like him will be ours.’

Paul Manafort

Not long after the quote from Spicer to the world was made, appeared on social media the first photo of Trump, who, indeed, on a unicorn on a rainbow ride.

The Guardian cites another news from the book, much less for the American president. In contrast to what those in the past already several times has said about Paul Manafort, his former campaign manager, played which, according to Spicer definitely has a central role in Trumps election campaign.

Of Manafort is suspected that he has illegal contacts with Moscow. The former campaign manager is now also available for bankfraude, tax fraud, money laundering and illegal lobbying, including for a former pro-Russian politician in Ukraine. After last month bekendraakte that he had tried to get two witnesses in his trial to influence, he was locked up.

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