Difficult choice for Van der Vaart

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Rafael van der Vaart worked last week at PEC on his condition. Despite the fact that he initially claimed not to want to stay, he seems the door gently ajar to.

Rafael van der Vaart is training with PEC Zwolle.

Trainer John van ’t schip may be a glimmer of hope that the 109-fold international may decide in Zwolle. The dream club of Van der Vaart, Esbjerg, has the old-following his departure to chelsea financially still not know to convince.

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“Esbjerg is for me the most ideal solution, but the clubleiding me a contract for zero Crowns offered. Also with me for nothing the sun, but I’m not going out of my bed for nothing”, says Van der Vaart in a conversation with FOX Sports.

The 35-year-old midfielder would prefer to get started in Esbjerg, because his girlfriend Estavana Polman is active in the famous handbalclub from the city.

“You understand that I still just about want to think. It is not easy, but that is nothing in life. I can’t deny that I’m here with a good feeling around them and that also applies to Zwolle, I think. I go from Wednesday at Esbjerg train to stay fit and then we’ll see what happens next.”

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Van der Vaart is training with PEC Zwolle

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