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Crypto-crime: robberies on crypto-owners to take

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Owners of crypto-currencies come more into the focus of Criminals. Hacker attacks on crypto Accounts are almost commonplace, but also physical Assaults on the part of investors of the virtual Cash. Krypto-Enthusiast, Jameson Lopp has 23 known Attacks in the US online service GitHub documented. This includes thefts of ATMs, hostage-taking and armed robbery.

It has been more than two years, BTC-ECHO reported a robbery, as a result, the Bitcoin exchange Cryptsy in the Bust was gone. As the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported in January of this year, for example, penetrated the foreign exchange brokers-Few Amy, Jay and Danny, Aston, in the South of England Moulsford four masked and armed individuals. They would have forced the trader on his Computer, a Transfer in Bitcoin.

In a Tweet Lopp explained:

To keep “the dynamically changing security environment of crypto-owners in the eye, I have started an Open-Source Register, in order to document physical Attacks. Please support us with additions and corrections.“

In the current context Lopp noted on Twitter, that would have happened, ten of the previously identified Attacks in the past six months. “As it seems, there is a strong tendency of such Attacks.”

Hot discussions after the call

The call to Lopp triggered a heated discussion on the platform, with many Users expressing their own experiences. A user reported a several hours of ongoing hostage situation in China. The catalog includes incidents in various countries such as Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, or Iceland. Ten Assaults took place in the United States. The earliest entry dates back to December 2014. All incidents are assigned.

Lopp also a case in which a victim has a criminal Attack is successfully blocked. “In one of the 28 documented incidents, it is a Bitcoin-owner managed to stop the attackers successfully.” As this is the first organized attempt of the catalogue occupied in the computerisation of Assault in relation to crypto-currencies, crypto-owner is an easy target for scammers and other Criminals.

All crypto owners don’t recommend that to brag of their property and to hide it, as far as it goes. Public Keys should be published with Caution.

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