Convicted ex-prime minister back to Pakistan

LAHORE – The Pakistani former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam are on the way to Pakistan. They are upon their arrival in Lahore presumably captured immediately. A Pakistani court, the duo has been sentenced to years in prison.

Supporters of Nawaz Sharif waiting for him for a cordial reception.

The authorities have extensive security measures taken to prevent the supporters of Sharif advance to the airport. They have roads closed with shipping containers and mobile telephony in the city partially shut down. Also thousands of agents mobilized.

Sharif has been three times prime minister of Pakistan. The supreme court put him in 2017 because he has income had been concealed. A anticorruptierechtbank in Pakistan explained the politician and his daughter last week to prison terms of respectively ten and seven years.

The return of Sharif from the Uk comes at a sensitive time. Pakistan is on the 25th of July to the polls.

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