Cocu: ’Kadioglu player for the future’

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LAUSANNE – Phillip Cocu hopes Ferdi Kadioglu (18) fast-final to be able to welcome as a new player of Fenerbahçe. The attacker, NEC in Istanbul for its transfer to complete, and will be the first purchase under the new coach of the Turkish football club.

Phillip Cocu

Cocu wants, yet not too much on the things ahead, but went in the Swiss city of Lausanne after having lost some players with Lausanne Sports (2-1) when prompted, however briefly, on the upcoming transfer.

“It’s ongoing, but I hope it soon makes a living out. Fenerbahçe is by things from the past, still tied to the Financial Fair Play rules of the FIFA, but we look around us, to the team to strengthen. And we also look at players who are not only for the short-term interest, but also for the future. This is an example of that.”

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Fenerbahçe works under Cocu and his assistant Chris van der Weerden to the third qualifying round of the Champions League, at the beginning of August. Ajax is one of the possible opponents. “That would certainly can”, said Cocu, who, with his team next week in the French Évian-les-Bains still exerts against Fulham. “We must ensure that we are there.”

Phillip Cocu (r.) the present press word.

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